Excel (Spreadsheet)

Spreadsheet tools as Microsoft Excel, Google Spreadsheet, Apache OpenOffice Calc (see other alternatives in maketecheasier) could be considered as a basic or introductory tool for data analysis. In this post, we are going to focus on the tool MS Excel 2016 as a basic introduction to several of its more interesting functionalities for data analysis (in a similar way found in the other spreadsheet tools). In later entries of the Project section, practical examples developed with these features will be shown. [Read More]

Microsoft Professional Program for Data Science

As a first step in the data science learning track, and inside the Microsoft Virtual Academy, you can find the Microsoft Professional Program for Data Science course delivered through the online learning platform edX. How it works? This program, certified by Microsoft, is made up of 3 units with 10 courses (lasting about 8-12 hours each) and a project capstone. The Microsoft Program Certificate is achieved once all the courses have been verified and certified through the edX platform (in case of not being interested in this certification and as for the rest of MOOCs in the edX platform, they can also be done free of charge). [Read More]