The authentic John Snow, a precursor of Geolocation

Despite the fact that nowadays, for the great majority of people, the name of John Snow brings to his mind to Aegon Targaryen or the heir to the iron throne, there is actually another, perhaps less popular, John Snow (United Kingdom 15/03/1813 - 16/06/1858). This another John Snow should be known as a precursor or forerunner of epidemiology and geolocation and one of the references in the field of dissemination of data thanks to its Cholera map of 1854. [Read More]

Florence Nightingale - The mother of Nursing

We are opening the Success Stories category with Florence Nightingale (12/05/1920 – 13/08/1910), british nurse, writer and statistician, who is considered the mother of nursing and one of the first data scientist in history. Her story is especially relevant given that, in addition to fighting for the women’s rights and emancipation through the opening of new qualified professional paths, she stood out in the field of nursing for being considered the precursor of modern professional nursing thanks to the creation of the first conceptual model of nursing. [Read More]